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Join us to catch up, join us to get ahead, join us to take a breather. A space where you, and yours, CAN.


Imagined and created by three experienced primary school teachers, all passionate about child development and the understanding that the best learning happens through exploration and playfulness.


We have first hand experience of encouraging resilient and inquisitive minds, and believe that it's never too early to start setting positive learning behaviours. 


The Can Club strives to merge our skills as teachers, our experience of being parents and the needs of being individuals. We understand that reading a good book, firing off a few emails or simply grabbing an hour of peace, is necessary and not a luxury.


At The Can Club we value our relationship with care givers, understanding that sometimes adults need support to experience connection, joy and confidence in their relationship with their small ones.

Visit The Can Club and watch as your little one settles. Allow us to do what we do, allow yourself the chance to do what you need to do and, most importantly, let the little ones explore.


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